Inge and me have a creative love story. We met last year and we had an instant connection, we both share an obsession with Japanese patterns and textiles and are very passionate on trying new techniques. First I helped her to run a shibori workshop at Camera Japan festival and then she helped me on my workshop with natural dyes at biobodega. Apart from that we have met several times to learn and try techniques, and also developed this hand painted series of Azuma Bukuro.

Azuma Bukuro is a traditional japanese bag to carry your lunch or bento box with you.

My good friend Inge is very interested on Japanese sewing patterns and this one has a simple yet fascinating one! It is made by a single rectangular fabric piece with no cuts. She came to me one day with some linen pieces and asked me to paint on them. After a few days I handed them back and she gave shape to this functional and soft ones.

azuma bagsazuma bags azuma bags azuma bags

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